My Top 10 Favorite Criterions

by Arthur Mhoyan

Created 07/07/12

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It's important to note that this is my list of personal favorites as opposed to what I think are the best top 10 movies from my collection. These are movies I can watch over and over. They are IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, and they are chosen from my personal collection which only consists of Blu-rays (that way it's easier to pick).

  • I remember watching simply out of curiosity and finding myself in shock after it ended as to why I've never heard of it during my years of cinema obsession. The poetry of its writing, the astounding performances, the haunting Ry Cooder blues score, and the unforgettable American landscapes captured by, none other than, a German filmmaker. The most underrated, undiscovered, and overlooked American masterpiece! (*Interestingly, it happens to be Kurt Cobain's favorite movie).

  • This blu-ray of mine is very special to me. It was hard to get my hands on this and the payoff is amazing everytime I watch it. Oh, those scenes in the sewer!

  • My first Criterion purchase! How fitting it is that a film about rebellion, self-discovery and innocence happens to be my first step into collecting cinematic wonders.

  • Being that Stanley Kubrick is my favorite director of all time, this was a no brainer. It's amazing to think he made this when he was 29 years old. The most challenging depiction of war and the most surprisingly heartbreaking ending.

  • My first exposure to the work of the brilliant Russian maestro. It is deeply haunting and transcending!

  • Reminds of of why I fell in love with American cinema from an early age. It's a quintessential American movie: brave performances, the diversity of characters represent the way our system works, and the subject matter tackles our country's strengths and weaknesses.

  • The work of Malick is unmatched, and undoubtedly one of my few favorite films about war. It's depiction of war is beyond the definition of the word. It captures the nature of war at its most primitive and cellular level. The most beautiful war film ever made!

  • I feel gripped and involved from start to finish. Toshiro Mifune is my favorite in this film, and I really think his character is the heart of the movie!

  • One of the most challenging pieces of art I have witnessed. As difficult it is to watch it, I can watch it over and over. Such an effective film!

  • My first introduction to Bergman. And the release is perfect!


  • By David_Zou
    July 07, 2012
    08:20 PM

    Paris, Texas,Paths of Glory,12 Angry Men,Chungking Express are some of my faves,the only film I have watched but didn't like is The Thin Red Line,I just didn't get it,I need to see Revanche.
    • By Arthur Mhoyan
      July 21, 2012
      07:46 PM

      I had to adjust my list a little bit.
  • By Michael_Semoff
    July 22, 2012
    02:54 AM

    Completely agree about "Antichrist." It's so harsh and yet so re-watchable. That's how you know it's brilliant. Great list and diversity!
  • By Collection
    August 01, 2012
    10:53 PM

    Worthwhile top 10 list from your pool of Criterion Blu-Rays. Can tell that we have convergent tastes. Are the only Criterion titles you own Blu-Rays? If so, I hope for the sake of your collection that the trend of reissuing past DVD releases as Blu-Rays continues at its present rate.
    • By Arthur Mhoyan
      November 05, 2013
      08:31 PM

      Yes that's right, I only collect Blu-rays because I like to own these films in their best existing format, and the other reason is because this allows me to pace myself and not get myself into buying more movies. I hope so too, they've been doing a pretty good job with re-issues. Thank you very much, Collection!