My top 10 Criterion films

by Benjamin Sagal

Created 10/10/17

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  • Probably the greatest foreign film ever made. Kurosawa harnessed every emotion in us all to create a triumph that has been imitated but never bettered.

  • Kurosawa is my favorite criterion director and he’ll show up again. A twisted tale of deception, lies, and the search for order in a chaotic world set a new standard for film.

  • Impossible to do justice, Bergman's masterpiece is a timeless work of art that both horrified and fascinated me. It features possibly the two greatest female leads in film.

  • Bergman’s study of medieval Europe is truly a look into the hypocrisy of faith that redefined art film in America.

  • What more can be said? Probably the greatest film about making film, Fellini’s triumph inspired me to really look beyond the conventional look at art itself.

  • The original anti-hero badass, sanjuro the samurai changed the game for action heroes, and gave Kurosawa another masterpiece. Could this guy ever stop? Comment if you think Dersu Uzala should be added as well as Ran.

  • Fellini’s urban study has a vibrancy rarely matched. The fantastic lead also makes for a fast paced Roman journey.

  • Kurosawa gave me a whole new appreciation for Shakespeare with his 1957 classic. It made the play easier to digest and really does the Bard justice.

  • One of the greatest ever made, I honestly forgot this was in the collection. It might as well be tied with #4. Kubrick really was the most skilled director ever.

  • One of the finest acted films ever made, Kazan directed the hell out of Marlon Brando, Eva Marie Saint, and Karl Malden. A timeless American film.

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