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by Adam_S

Created 07/06/12

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These are the in-print films (I have seen) in the collection that most need a new edition. There are hundreds of films in the collection that have fine editions but could use an upgrade to bluray, but the films on this list should have a complete do-over--a new edition from the ground up. Films like Kwaidan, I haven't seen, so they're not on the list, these are only films I've seen and the criterion release is lacking.

edit: removed number 8. The Hidden Fortress

  • One of very few titles in the collection that is in the wrong aspect ratio. This is a widescreen film and criterion incorrectly released it open matte.

  • There is no more obvious of a choice for a new edition than this film. The original release is slight on extras and non-anamorphic to add injury to insult. This should be a stacked crown jewel release along the lines of Children of Paradise and Seven Samurai.

  • It's Kubrick. It's 70mm. It deserves so much better than the atrocious treatment Universal gave the film, and I think Criterion could go beyond their very impressive DVD slate of extras with the bluray.

  • Again, as obvious as Andrei Rublev. The edition is not a slight package, but Criterion can do better and make this a crown jewel set.

  • The transfer is embarassing, and this could be an especially excellent edition with extras focusing on comparing and contrasting early and late ozu. If they included it with an 'extra' of an HD I Was Born But... I'd be thrilled.

  • My favorite of Olivier's films does a brilliant job of putting a film within a play (wherein they'll catch the essence of the king). The color is fabulous and the film really needs a pristine new edition with a slate of extras. This will probably be paired with the Olivier version of Hamlet, which I don't really care for.

  • It's likely this and Great Expectations will be upgraded at the same time, I slightly prefer this film, so I included it over Great Expectations, but I want both about equally.

  • What Can Criterion do with this film with all the digital options to restore the image? This edition was released in February of 1999, so much more is possible! If Criterion could license the unjustly forgotten "Eskimo" (which won the very first Best Editing Oscar) to pair with the release, that would be amazing.

  • This is as barebones as it gets, the mainline edition is no different from the Essential Art House Edition, Shameful! And there's a lot of possibility in extras considering the source material, the later adaptation to My Fair Lady and so on.

  • At least something could be done concerning the adaptation, Oscar Wilde etc.

    I tried to keep this to one per director, and originally had "I Know Where I'm Going" on here, but then I doublechecked and realized it had an incredible feature set and doesn't so much need a new edition as it needs a basic upgrade.

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  • By Adam_S
    August 10, 2012
    06:09 PM

    As I pointed out in the top paragraph, I haven't seen Picnic at Hanging Rock, so I can't include it on my list.