My Top Ten

by Ben W.

Created 09/13/17

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  • The first Criterion I bought, and after my second watch it became my favorite film of all time, beating Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey". Tarkovsky not only set a new standard for science fiction, but a new standard for film itself.

  • Like how Tarkovsky set a standard for science fiction/post-apocalyptic, Lynch's 1977 debut set a new standard for horror, one that has not been meet. Lynch truly understands Freudian horror and the psychology of dreams and how to apply them to the art of cinema.

  • I would agree with a statement by Doug Walker when talking about the film Spirited Away: that a good setting is one that you would love to visit but hate to live in. I believe that Terry Gilliam's career has excelled at doing just that, but his crowning achievement Brazil did so in a brilliant and satirical way that few manage to be like.

  • Guilermo del Toro's takes the childlike wonder of the works of C.S.Lewis and combines them with the real world horrors of Franco's Spain. Not only the designs of the inhabitants of del Toro's world feel both realistic and highly stylized, but also the technology in bringing them to life rivals the most advanced of modern computer effects.

  • The true magic of Kurosawa is that his stories and characters are truly timeless and can be inserted into any kind of story. The amount of other films that credit their existence to Kurosawa's opus is a mighty testament.

  • I've always compared the work of Masaki Kobayashi to that of early Kubrick. Kwaidan's atmosphere is reminiscent of Kubrick's "2001", an atmosphere of beings invisible to human beings, observing them and recreating their world in bizarre, alien forms.

  • Just the Siege scene alone makes "Ran" in my top ten

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