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Created 07/05/12

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These are the films in the collection that have really inspired me as a filmmaker. Picking only 10 is not exactly easy (you may notice, there are, in fact, more than 10), and my writing skills cannot truly do these films justice, but here we go!

  • I first encountered this film when I was about 13. I had found it in a mobile library truck and was intrigued by the woman on the cover. When I watched the film, I was mesmerized by Louise Brookes. She manages to be so innocent, yet seductive and destructive all at once! Without flaw! She remains to this ay my favorite actress, and Pandora's Box is one of my all-time favorite films. It is so beautiful and hypnotic. I could happily watch it over and over again for the rest of my life.

  • This should be the outline for all war films. It remains fairly neutral, showcasing the good and bad of both sides. Pontecorvo's direction is without question, some of the finest in history! This film is so realistic, I found it very difficult to do a project on the Algerian Revolution for a history class, because the only images that showed up were from this film. I finally broke down and just showed it to my class. At first they hated it, and then they relaized how good it really was!

  • Films like this are the reason I want to be a filmmaker. It's so wonderfully raw. It has moments of beauty, and moments that make it obvious that thye had no idea what they were doing but damn it they did it anyways! It's that type of mentality that drives me. Not to mention this film is a great snapshot of the sixties. The soundtrack is amazing, the bikes are cool, Dennis Hopper is Dennis Hopper...this movie is awesome!

  • I love Lars Von Trier. He is my all time favorite director. His films are amazing, he has directed many powerful performances and most importantly he has balls! He has the balls to make the films no one is willing to admit they want to see. Antichrist is a prime example. Everyone hates on this film for being pointless. Why? It has the greatest cinematography...ever! The performances are perfect, it balances emotion with unease, and horror extremely well, and all in all it gets under your skin. Okay, so it has some extremely violent moments, but come on! Does "the scene" really tear this ENTIRE masterpiece down? I don't think so, Antichrsit is Brilliant.

  • I couldn't rank Europa higher or lower than Antichrist, being by Lars is enough to make them equals.This is the perfect film to watch when you can't sleep. For most it won't feel like a Lars Von Trier film, but for me it is one of his best. It's so odd to see him working with a budget! He managed to do mant amazing things in what is an amazing film.

  • Okay, so The Element of Crime is not exactly on par with the other two, but being by Lars, it deserved a mention.

  • This film disturbs me (duh!). It disturbs me because I can't help but want to watch it again and again. It i so detailed and poetic. Pasolini was really brave to make this film. Not many filmmakers can handle the works of the Marquis de Sade, but turning them into an allegory for facsist Italy is just plain brilliant. This film is all at once beautiful and disgusting. I love it.

  • Am I some sort of twisted pervert for liking all these films? This film is one of the greatest films about sex ever! Why? Because it has nothing to hide. These characters lose themselves in their sex and we watch them every step of the way. For a film so blatantly "pornographic", you never find yourself aroused or shocked, just sad to see these characters destroyed by their "love" and sexuality.

  • Macbeth is my favorite play by The Bard. This is the reason I watched this film. That and I already loved Kurosawa, but for me this is just perfection. Mifune is the screens greatest Macbeth, no questions asked!

  • Orson Welles is pretty much the only description this film needs. No? Well let's just say that this is one of the most outlandish documentarisomethinglikemaybefictionorsomethinglikethat ever made. It's so very enjoyable, and its so much fun to share the joke with others. Check it out, because words do it no justice.

  • Gilliam is insane. He must be. How else can someone manage to come up with this film. It's liek 1984 met Monty Python and did some bad drugs. What you get is the greatest trip ever. It's dark, it's hillarious, it's confusing an it's brilliant. Must be seen by everyone!

  • Cronenberg is definitly the best thing to ever happen to Canadian cinema. I can't help but look up to him as I enter film school and ultimately attempt to enter into the near-non-existant Canadian film industry. Videodrome is everything I love about Cronenberg. It's gross, well directed, has great performances, has twisted sex, etc... It's definitly one you can watch multiple times, but be carful, it may get to your head.

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