My Criterion Collection

by mfraser32

Created 09/08/17

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  • One of my favorite heist movies. Kubrick can do no wrong.

  • My favorite by Chaplin, and thats saying a lot.

  • One of my favorite films of all time and my favorite by De Palma. Absolutely incredible.

  • I have this movie at #2 of my favorites of all time, behind Taxi Driver. This was my first experience of Lynch so I didn't know what to expect, leading me to not know what the hell was going on at points. However, the second viewing experience; now that was a great time. David Lynch is one of a kind.

  • M is definitely my favorite by Fritz Lang and my favorite from 1931 (City Lights came out that year aswell) M was so ahead of its time and I think anyone would enjoy this film.

  • My second favorite of Anderson's filmography (Cant wait for the day Grand Budapest Hotel is available).

  • Cant go wrong with some stop motion by Wes Anderson

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