by Shannon Elkind

Created 08/23/17

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These are the films that shaped who I am, and continue to be into today - all of which are classics and deserve to be worshiped / watched (more that 5 times) and talked about when someone tells you they haven't seen something that hit the spot in a while. School um' with these.

  • 100% a film that intertwines various plotlines with ease. The story brings you together with the Jarmusch signature use of location to intertwine the plot seamlessly. Sometimes his films can get a bit convoluted or wordy (as said by some) but if you really dig rock and roll this is a beautiful homage to the heart and soul of it all. Having Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Joe strummer and Steve buscemi doesn't hurt either (all equally hysterical).

  • Let's start off by saying even though John Carpenter is the man, his film They Live was in 1988.
    Cox made this in 1984 speckling the film with products along the same lines (generic boxes, beer cans etc) Stylistically, giving off the Warhol esque and almost pop-art cookie cutter take on labels that the world around Otto consumes.

    The flat acting by the other punk's when ripping off liquor stores and people isn't because the actors were bad (IMO) it really gives a comedic edge to the wasteoid burnout 80s hardcore kid personality in LA captured pretty well in Repo Man. Clearly an homage to early science fiction with a smart comedic taste in scriptwriting that some may find stupid...because they don't get it; this is a great depiction on well developed characters, the seedy underground world rubbing shoulders with the equally weird blue collar Repo man lifestyle and that soundtrack! God, that soundtrack. Who the hell can hate a film when the Cramps are on the soundtrack?

    Film slays, enough said.

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