Great American Songbook

by Sean Ramsdell

Created 08/09/17

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Gershwin, Porter, Rodgers (plus Hammerstein and Hart), Berlin, Kern, etc.

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AKA Tin Pan Alley and Criterion


  • By Eric Levy
    August 11, 2017
    05:31 AM

    Tom Waits video--nice addition! Couple others: Hoagy Carmichael's STARDUST is heard in BADLANDS. Rodgers and Hart's ISN'T IT ROMANTIC appears in THE PALM BEACH STORY. I'll try to think of more...
  • By Eric Levy
    August 27, 2017
    07:10 AM

    LIKE SOMEONE IN LOVE features Ella Fitzgerald's performance of the title song. It was written in 1944 by Jimmy Van Heusen and Johnny Burke. Does that count?
  • By Eric Levy
    November 30, 2017
    05:37 AM

    Hi Again. Hoagy Carmichael's GEORGIA ON MY MIND is heard in GHOST WORLD.