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by Alex Hartman

Created 08/04/17

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A personal list of my quest to see every film in the collection.


  • By Eric Levy
    August 05, 2017
    04:44 AM

    Great start Alex! I'm doing the same. Exciting way to gain a film education. I just got Filmstruck--makes it a lot easier ;-) Thanks so much for favoriting my National Film registry list. Please check out my others.
    • By Alex Hartman
      September 07, 2017
      02:32 AM

      Thanks yeah, I've been into the collection for years now but Filmstruck has really helped me watch the films so much more then when i use to have really hunt for them and in mixed order. Ive also been keeping a film journal as I see each one. But problem for favoriting your list, I always find it interesting what films make it into the registry.