My Introduction to World Cinema

by Nick Manila

Created 07/27/17

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At the age of 15 I discovered world cinema and my future of becoming a filmmaker. This list explores my progression in the films I viewed. I decided to list 12 Films, leaving out classics such as "The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant", "Good Morning" "The 39 Steps" and "Beauty and the Beast" (1946)

  • Being a Huge Fan of horror films I looked endllessly for this Danish silent film that visual fascinating me. I realized after viewing it that just watching American Cinema is pointless and I will only understand I very small fraction of the world I live in.

  • This Scottish film by the fantastic Lynne Ramsay was the second criterion dvd I ever owned. This film narratively fascinatied me because I discovered the idea of a film that was not plot based and rather focused on real life and just the boring every day life. I also was able to relate to this film more than any other film I have ever seen before.

  • Just like Ratcather this Itialian film focused on the every day life of ordinary people and the troubles they must endure. This film overall introduced me to Italian Neo- Realism which would be one of my favorite film genres.

  • Simply introduced me to the fantastic Fellini. Right about now I am discovering different filmmakers and my main inspirations come from studying these filmmaker's works.

  • Really this spot represents Fitzcarraldo and the works of Werner Herzog ( as well as Les Blank). The mindset of Herzog is what really inspires my everyday life and without the films of Herzog I wouldn't be the same. In till the films of Herzog are finally put out on criterion Burden of Dreams will stay in this spot.

  • Discovering the films of Kurosawa felt like I just discovered the holy grail. Kurosawa's Seven Samurai blew me away with its epic scale and its completely amazing characters, the team work and brotherhood the film expressed inspired me and to me it is by far the greatest action film ever made.

  • This film explores the differences of gender and how we all act differently. This film left me speechless after the viewing and it is one of my most favorite films ever.

  • The first Criterion box set I ever got was The Complete Jacques Tati, before viewing Mon Oncle I did see Tati's Jour de Fête and Monsieur Hulot's Holiday to go in order I next viewed his third film which fascinated me the most with its simple plot and hilarious comedy.

  • With the Virgin Spring I also viewed Bergman's Wild Strawberries, The Seventh Seal and Summer Interlude, While those films were amazing my favorite was the The Virgin Spring and I became a huge fan of Bergman's style of filmmaking that was almost dream like.

  • Being very young still I watched Il Posto right at the perfect time in my life. Relating to the main character almost exactly because I was just getting into the work force and of course girls.

  • This spot counts for all of the films of Tarkovsky. After loving the dream like style of Bergman's films I discovered the man who was the best at it. I first saw Ivan's Childhood as well as The Mirror and was completely blown away by them. After I made it a requirement to see all of Tarkovsky's films, and luckily I lived an hour away from an art theatre that was showing both Solaris and Stalker, seeing them in a theatre was an absolute treat and I learned so much from the films of Tarkovsky that I hope to make a film combing the styles of Bergman, Tarkovsky and my own.

  • Being a huge fan of fantasy and fairy tales this film of course impressed me for its childlike innocence it expressed but also its erotic scary move into adulthood and the struggle of being an adult. The music and the feel of the film moved me so much that I hope to make a film very similar to the Czech classic one day.

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