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by filmgirl15

Created 07/04/12

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When i studied film at Concordia University i was exposed to a vast and exciting array of films from all over the world. these are some of my favourites. and thanks to all my amazing professors who brought us such treasures!

  • I took a course called Eastern European Film at Concordia and was blown away by the depth, poignancy and texture of these films. it was one of my favourite classes. The class was taught by the incredibly knowledgeable Christina Stojanova.

  • Mario Falsetto also taught Italian Cinema. here i was introduced to Bertolucci, Rossellini, De Sica, Antonioni, and one of my favourites, Pier Paolo Pasolini.

  • all these films are great. period.

  • Mario Falsetto taught Experimental Film at Concordia. He introduced to us to filmmakers like Brakhage, Kenneth Anger, Bruce Baillie, Maya Deren, Joris Ivens, Arthur Lipsett, David Rimmer and the one and only Michael Snow.

  • Through a Glass Darkly was so different than the Bergman I had experienced up to that point. I had seen Persona and The Seventh Seal and was completely taken aback by this film. it really affected me, being a lapsed Catholic. Next i saw Wild Strawberries. and luckily he has so many titles i can always find one i haven't seen. Bergman is perfect accompaniment for an existential 20-something crisis.

  • Being in Canada, we had many different course in Canadian Cinema. One included Allan King and i have to be honest - these films changed my point of view and perhaps inspired my interest in dramatic documentary. these blow reality television right out of the water. this is real life - up close and personal.

  • The course was American Film of the 60's. i had no idea i was in store for the kind of films i saw. this was the first one. we all just sat there, riveted. no one missed a class in that course.

  • next up was Hollywood in the 70"s. many of these films hit our unsuspecting brains like a dose of acid and we were never the same again!

  • Fassbinder turned up in various courses. i love the Marriage of Maria Braun and Lola. there's nothing i can say that will prepare you for Fassbinder. you just have to watch.

  • I did not discover Cassavetes at Concordia. But i did see my first Cassavetes film, A Woman Under the Influence, in Montreal at Cinema Parrallele (http://www.cinemaparallele.ca/) when they had a Cassavetes film festival. i went every night and saw 4 of his films and was hooked. he is my biggest influence and my all time favourite filmmaker. not only his films, but his approach, his spirit, his love of acting and his can-do attitude - he is a great inspiration.

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