If I Got In The Vault...

by Steven West

Created 07/10/17

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Movies I would scoop without even reading the back. What I already know are classics. and what I suspect might be based on the constant praise of them.

  • Still like the original cover Criterion had. Captured the essence of the tragic love affair so much better. For all the flack Alex Cox got for making this film, it remains a timeless classic!

  • So glad Criterion issued this gem. It's so quirky with it's vignettes, but is so satisfying and memorable as well. A movie to savor for sure!

  • M. Emmet Walsh is unforgettable as the savvy cowboy P.I. that doesn't like loose ends. How a simple affair can go so horribly wrong. Forever riveting!

  • Altman's always been a 'hit or miss' movie maker for me. But this one is probably his best 'hit' by far! Even with a lot of the now dated cameos, the plot of this story I don't think will ever get old.

  • This is one movie I haven't seen yet. I thought it to be a fluke, and would fall off the radar over time. But many still praise it for it's great performances and honesty. So I guess it's about time I check it out! LOL

  • This isn't a much lauded Altman film. Some say it's okay, some say it was all over the map. Then again I liked Altman's Quintet and Popeye. But not so keen on MASH and McCabe & Mrs. Miller. So the jury's still out for me with this one as well.

  • Up there along with In Cold Blood. Great cast, great performances, great story!

  • Looking back on Peter Sellers unusual life while being such a success, it was odd for him to be so enamored with this story and wanting to make a movie of it so bad. But maybe the best look at who Peter Sellers REALLY was deep down inside himself. Subtle, childlike, unaware, and misunderstood. Inadvertently becoming a respected genius, and not really sure why?

  • Saw this when I was very young, and didn't quite understand it. Yet it has haunted my memory ever since. Glad Criterion issued it so I can watch it intently and more maturely now!

  • How can one NOT like John Waters? Or the notorious Divine for that matter? Sure, this is probably the furthest thing from a 'classic'. Yet it's the genesis for the visionaries that would eventually take cinema to the thresholds of tolerance. Funny gay frat kids, or seriously demented visual terrorists? Always crude, and always memorable!