10 Films That Changed Me.

by Nate

Created 07/02/12

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All of these films have changed me in one way or another, and I hold all these films to the highest possible regard.

  • What can I say? Terrence Malick has changed the ways that I view movies. He has taught me that a film can be a piece of art, and I am forever grateful for learning this.

  • An action packed movie that has soul, never have I seen such an adrenaline packed powerhouse that also has a heart.

  • I remember seeing this for the first time, and having relatively low expectations for it, but boy was I wrong. The direction is flawless, the soundtrack is immaculate, with story elements found nowhere else. This is Japanese Cinema at it's very best.

  • One of my first Criterions, I remember being blown away by the performances and the sterling direction. No film comes close to being as brutal, yet compassionate at the same time.

  • The funniest movie ever made.

  • One of my favorite scenes in film history, the telephone scene, I nearly cry every time. Brilliant performances throughout, with an incredible enviornment that makes you feel as lonely as Travis Henderson.

  • Great special effects combined with one of my favorite stories ever told on screen. This is one film I will never forget.

  • Easily in my top 10 favorite films, this film makes me feel like I grew up with each of the characters, and that I know them all personally. I felt as though they were my friends, and my crushes, never has a film seemed so real.

  • I know that many people don't like this film, but to me it is simply beautiful. I never forget the song that Benjamin plays on piano, and the ending scene where everything is wrapped together, how he talks about everything he learned in his life. This film more than any other makes me glad to live my life.

  • Every scene of this movie leaves my jaw hanging on the floor. It is brilliant in every sense of the word. The French sure know how to end a film.


  • By Criteriophile
    August 05, 2012
    07:42 PM

    Awesome list!
  • By thoakun
    November 07, 2012
    06:55 AM

    Thanks for the list. Now I have more excellent recommendations to add to my wishlist.
  • By Gage Harrison
    July 29, 2013
    12:58 AM

    I don't understand the hate for Benjamin Button either. I probably got out of it what you did. Fantastic movie.