Trailers From Hell

by Naked_Island

Created 03/27/17

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These are all the Criterion titles featured on the site dedicated to movie trailers—Trailers From Hell!


  • By Sean Ramsdell
    August 11, 2017
    07:43 PM

    Is this a repost?
    • By Naked_Island
      August 14, 2017
      01:56 PM

      Yes. A while ago, the My Criterion section of their site was badly glitched. I could access, edit, or create new lists, so I figured all my lists were gone, and so I started to copy & deleted my lists, put them on new account I made. But they didn't show up either (grumble). But eventually it was all sorted out and I could make lists again and edit my old ones, but some I already deleted. So I copied them again and re-posted them.
  • By Naked_Island
    August 14, 2017
    01:57 PM

    *I could NOT access, edit, or create new lists... We really need an "edit post" function.