Justin's Wish List

by Justin C. Henry

Created 03/14/17

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List of films I desperately desire to own and watch endlessly.

  • Yates and Mitchum. Nuff' said. Their collaboration produced one of the quintessential 70's crime films. Saw it on cable growing up and became obsessed with it sense. Damn fine film.

  • Every film is a gem. Explores a startling number of elements of the human condition. Claire's Knee being a personal favorite of mine.

  • Evocative, emotional, and masterfully acted and shot. We see the highs and lows of this family through the eyes of the titular characters impeccably structured by an artist of unparalleled power.

  • During an interview with Quentin Tarantino, he gushed nearly endlessly about Melville. This film was the first of Melville's I watched. One film was all it took. Character crafting and a masterclass in tension making. The

  • Kubrick is possibly one of the greatest filmmakers to ever shoot a film. The best anti-war film ever made. Like Full Metal Jacket, we watch it all unfold. No judgement. No preaching. Exhibiting a moment in history exactly as it transpired. Brilliant.

  • Saw this in my film history class and something about Ozu's framing and pacing and delicate nature regarding his subjects make his films an event. We are witnessing a life unfold both serious and funny. Quite funny. Grand to no one but to those who are living in it and yet,sprawling in its humanity. Thankful for the new edition coming soon. Also, great fart jokes.

  • Kore-eda is a master. This is the film I tell people to watch when they ask me why. The anniversary of their loss explores every last ounce of grief, nostalgia, tension, sadness, and comfort in ceremony. Beautiful film.

  • Early Bergman but essential. We see the bloom of young love and get swept up in it's trappings and the fallout. She becomes pregnant and the gravity of their situation settles in. Wont say anymore but it unfolds and ends perfectly bittersweet.

  • Two couples decide to change partners on one fateful, short summer night. A rare Bergman comedy. Funny, witty as all hell. Remade a dozen times but this, this is the genuine article.

  • Gazarra, underrated as all hell, and Cassavetes together for a third time and damn, this film is a stunner. Gazarra is brilliant. The plot is rock solid. You enter a grimy, hollow world but its entertaining as hell.

  • Tarkovsky is one of the great humanists. Solaris is a prime example of his powers. Intuitive and full of grace. If only we could get an edition of The Mirror.

  • Social justice picture with surrealism thrown into the mix. Essential 90's cinema

  • A visual feast. Painterly and emotionally evocative which would be Malick's stamp throughout his career. Spacek and Sheen are wonderful. Malick's cameo is great too.

  • Another head on the Altman Mt. Rushmore. Fantastic music. One of the best ensemble casts ever. Lily Tomlin most notable. A microcosm of America at the time that's tragically relevant in 2017 and beyond. Tomlin though, damn.

  • Malick's finest hour. I have the DVD edition but not the Blu Ray. That soon will change. Morricone's spectacular score harmoniously waltz's with Nestor Almendros' superb cinematography. Malick's best looking film. Maybe his best.

  • Top ten ghost/spiritual films ever made. Made by a master, this film's imagery is potent as hell. A bonafide classic of genre. Classic all around.

  • One of the great open road films. James Taylor casting is strange but spot. Taylor just feels right in the role. Hellman builds a mythology around the freedom and open road and a set of wheels brings. Warren Oates of Wild Bunch fame is as always, epic.

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