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by leggoet

Created 02/18/14

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BFI Film Classics is a series of books that "introduce, interpret and celebrate landmark films of world cinema". To me, the BFI Film Classics and the (discontinued) BFI Modern Classics series of books are an entertaining and indispensable film reference source. Where a film is in both the Criterion Collection and the BFI Film Classics series, the volume always works as an excellent additional supplement to the film.

A number of the authors of these volumes have participated in Criterion supplements. For example the commentary tracks of "Belle De Jour" by Michael Wood, "M" by Anton Kaes and "The Innocents" by Christopher Frayling, or Simon Callow's interview for "Night Of The Hunter".

Compiled here is a list of all Criterion Collection films with a companion BFI Film Classics or BFI Modern Classics book. Included in the description is the author and the year of publication. Those marked with **** I found to be particularly excellent companions to the film.

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