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by maha1

Created 12/15/12

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Here are some movies Criterion put out that I've always wanted to see


  • By Theo
    April 17, 2013
    12:23 PM

    Only one of these I've seen is Bob le Flambeur, which is excellent. Not quite as good as Melville's Leon Morin, Priest, but it's still wonderful.
  • By Mike F.
    August 05, 2013
    08:22 PM

    In the Mood for Love is still Wong Kar Wai's best (and would easily fall on my Top 10 of all time). 2046 was right up there and My Blueberry Nights is very decent. Can't wait to see Grandmasters! end of this month :) Hunger and Fish Tank are excellent and hunky Fassbender doesnt disappoint in either. Dryer is certainly one of the greats and like you I have seen Vampyr and Joan of Arc but not Ordet which is awful for both of us im sure. I have Kes and Tokyo Drifter and Lola Montes but havent seen them yet. Fanny and Alexander is swell but I always make sure im in the mood and give Bergman the respect and attention he deserves. The Phantom Carriage is truly awesome (id probably start with this one or Ordet). Finally, Stage Coach is anything but bad but Johnny Guitar and Who Shot Liberty Valance i found were much more unique