Koreyoshi Kurahara

I Am Waiting

I Am Waiting

In Koreyoshi Kurahara’s directorial debut, rebel matinee idol Yujiro Ishihara (fresh off the sensational Crazed Fruit) stars as a restaurant manager and former boxer who saves a beautiful, suicidal club hostess (Mie Kitahara) trying to escape the clutches of her gangster employer. Featuring expressionist lighting and bold camera work, this was one of Nikkatsu’s early successes.

Film Info

  • Japan
  • 1957
  • 91 minutes
  • Black & White
  • 1.33:1
  • Japanese

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Eclipse Series 17: Nikkatsu Noir

Eclipse 17: Nikkatsu Noir

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I Am Waiting
Yujiro Ishihara
Joji Shimaki
Mie Kitahara
Isamu Kosugi
Kenjiro Uemura
Police detective
Hideaki Nitani
Shibata (elder)
Ken Hatano
Shibata (younger)
Koreyoshi Kurahara
Takiko Mizunoe
Shintaro Ishihara
Kurataro Takamura
Mitsuo Onishi
Fumio Hashimoto
Art direction
Takashi Matsuyama
Akira Suzuki
Masaru Sato
Theme song by
Yujiro Ishihara


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