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Krzysztof Kieślowski

Dekalog (Criterion Blu-Ray)


4 Discs

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  • Poland
  • 1988
  • 583 minutes
  • Color
  • 1.33:1
  • Polish
  • Spine #837

This masterwork by Krzysztof Kieślowski is one of the twentieth century’s greatest achievements in visual storytelling. Originally made for Polish television, Dekalog focuses on the residents of a housing complex in late-Communist Poland, whose lives become subtly intertwined as they face emotional dilemmas that are at once deeply personal and universally human. Its ten hour-long films, drawing from the Ten Commandments for thematic inspiration and an overarching structure, grapple deftly with complex moral and existential questions concerning life, death, love, hate, truth, and the passage of time. Shot by nine different cinematographers, with stirring music by Zbigniew Preisner and compelling performances from established and unknown actors alike, Dekalog arrestingly explores the unknowable forces that shape our lives. Also presented are the longer theatrical versions of the series’ fifth and sixth films: A Short Film About Killing and A Short Film About Love.


KrzysztofHenryk Baranowski (One)
IrenaMaja Komorowska (One)
PawełWojciech Klata (One)
Artur Barciś (One, Two, Three, Four, Five/A Short Film About Killing, Six/A Short Film About Love, Seven, Eight, Nine)
DorotaKrystyna Janda (Two, Five/A Short Film About Killing)
Aleksander Bardini (Two, Four)
AndrzejOlgierd Łukaszewicz (Two, Five/A Short Film About Killing)
PostmanStanisław Gawlik (Two, Six/A Short Film About Love)
Andrzej’s friendJerzy Fedorowicz (Two)
BasiaEwa Ekwińska (Two)
EwaMaria Pakulnis (Three)
JanuszDaniel Olbrychski (Three)
Janusz’s wifeJoanna Szczepkowska (Three)
AnkaAdrianna Biedrzyńska (Four)
MichałJanusz Gajos (Four)
Michał’s friendAndrzej Blumenfeld (Four)
JarekTomasz Kozłowicz (Four)
Jarek’s motherElżbieta Kilarska (Four)
JacekMirosław Baka (Five/A Short Film About Killing)
PiotrKrzysztof Globisz (Five/A Short Film About Killing)
Taxi driverJan Tesarz (Five/A Short Film About Killing)
ExecutionerAleksander Bednarz (Five/A Short Film About Killing)
ProsecutorMaciej Maciejewski (Five/A Short Film About Killing)
Law school examinerZbigniew Zapasiewicz (Five/A Short Film About Killing)
MagdaGrażyna Szapołowska (Six/A Short Film About Love)
TomekOlaf Lubaszenko (Six/A Short Film About Love, Ten)
Tomek’s landladyStefania Iwińska (Six/A Short Film About Love)
Piotr Machalica (Six/A Short Film About Love, Nine)
Post office managerMałgorzata Rożniatowska (Six/A Short Film About Love)
EwaAnna Polony (Seven)
MajkaMaja Barełkowska (Seven)
StefanWładysław Kowalski (Seven)
WojtekBogusław Linda (Seven)
Katarzyna Piwowarczyk (Seven, Nine)
ZofiaMaria Kościałkowska (Eight)
ElżbietaTeresa Marczewska (Eight)
TailorTadeusz Łomnicki (Eight)
Zofia’s neighborBronisław Pawlik (Eight)
HankaEwa Błaszczyk (Nine)
MariuszJan Jankowski (Nine)
Female patientJolanta Piętek-Górecka (Nine)
JerzyJerzy Stuhr (Ten)
ArturZbigniew Zamachowski (Ten)
ShopkeeperHenryk Bista (Ten)
PiotrekMaciej Stuhr (Ten)
DetectiveCezary Harasimowicz (Ten)
Stamp collectorHenryk Majcherek (Ten)
Stamp collectorJerzy Turek (Ten)

Disc Features

  • New, restored 4K digital transfers of all twelve films, with uncompressed monaural soundtracks on the Blu-rays
  • Selection of archival interviews with director Krzysztof Kieślowski, taken from a 1987 television piece on the production of Dekalog: Two, excerpts from the 1995 documentary A Short Film About “Dekalog,” and a 1990 audio recording from the National Film Theatre in London
  • New program on the formal and thematic patterns of Dekalog by film studies professor Annette Insdorf
  • New and archival interviews with Dekalog cast and crew, including cowriter Krzysztof Piesiewicz, thirteen actors, three cinematographers, editor Ewa Smal, and Kieślowski confidante Hanna Krall
  • Trailers
  • PLUS: A book featuring an essay and capsules on the films by cinema scholar Paul Coates, along with excerpts from Kieślowski on Kieślowski

    New cover by Anthony Gerace

Film Essays


“And So On”: Kieślowski’s Dekalog and the Metaphysics of the Everyday

By Paul Coates September 27, 2016

This monumental meditation on the Ten Commandments captures the spiritual undercurrents of life in late-Communist Poland. Read more »



From the Kieślowski Archives

June 27, 2017

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On Five


The Sonic World of Zbigniew Preisner and Krzysztof Kieślowski

October 03, 2016

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Film Essays


“And So On”: Kieślowski’s Dekalog and the Metaphysics of the Everyday

By Paul Coates September 27, 2016

This monumental meditation on the Ten Commandments captures the spiritual undercurrents of life in late-Communist Poland. Read more »



Did You See This?

September 09, 2016

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Krzysztof Kieślowski’s Dekalog Returns to Theaters

September 02, 2016

Today, Krzysztof Kieślowski’s Dekalog opens at New York’s IFC Center for its first theatrical run in fifteen years. Originally produced for Polish television, this ten-part meditation on the Ten . . . Read more »


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