Mikio Naruse

Flunky, Work Hard

Flunky, Work Hard

Mikio Naruse’s earliest available film, Flunky, Work Hard is the rare work by the director not to center around female characters. It is a charming, breezy short concerning an impoverished insurance salesman and his scrappy son, whose fisticuffs with the other boys of their village put his father’s livelihood in jeopardy.

Film Info

  • Japan
  • 1931
  • 28 minutes
  • Black & White
  • 1.33:1
  • Japanese

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Eclipse Series 26: Silent Naruse

Eclipse 26: Silent Naruse

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Flunky, Work Hard
Isamu Yamaguchi
Tomoko Naniwa
Okabe’s wife
Seiichi Kato
Susumu, Okabe’s son
Shizue Akiyama
Toda’s wife
Hideo Sugawara
Toda’s child
Tokio Seki
Mikio Naruse
Written by
Mikio Naruse
Mitsuo Miura


Eclipse Series 26: Silent Naruse
Eclipse Series 26: Silent Naruse
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