A Bounty of Bette

This week, we’re giving a lot of thanks for Bette Davis. Two of the films that defined her extraordinary career—the rapturous woman’s picture Now, Voyager and the peerless drama of backstage backstabbing All About Eve—entered the collection on Tuesday. And starting this weekend, the eighteen-film retrospective Starring Bette Davis will take a bow on the Criterion Channel, offering ample opportunity to appreciate the emotional command, witty allure, and stunning versatility that made the saucer-eyed star a Hollywood legend. For a taste of this series—which includes early-career, pre-Code gems like Three on a Match and Of Human Bondage; the southern romance Jezebel, for which Davis won an Oscar; and the iconic forties run of starring vehicles that followed (among them the noirish intrigue The Letter and Now, Voyager)—roll the teaser above. Then head over to the Channel to bask in Bette’s one-of-a-kind screen presence.

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