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A Great American Interrogator

An intriguing paradox lies at the heart of Errol Morris’s body of work: while his films are driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and facts, they ultimately reveal cinema’s inability to capture a definitive version of reality. It’s this tension between truth and its elusiveness that has made him one of the most important and provocative figures in documentary filmmaking, an artist who challenges national myths and investigates the often contradictory nature of the human condition. Now on the Criterion Channel, you can dive into a retrospective that highlights seven of Morris’s most penetrating films, including two early-career portraits of American eccentricity, Gates of Heaven and Vernon, Florida, and his groundbreaking, noirish account of miscarried justice The Thin Blue Line. Watch our teaser for the series above, and then head to the Channel, where you can watch these films alongside a selection of archival interviews with the director.

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