Sofia Coppola Revisits Her Childhood Memories of Bugsy Malone

On the Channel — Apr 13, 2019

Every Saturday on the Criterion Channel, we’ll be presenting a beloved movie that’ll help you get your weekend started on the right foot. In the above introduction, filmed while Sofia Coppola was in the office to shoot her Adventures of Moviegoing episode (premiering in May), the Lost in Translation director elaborates on the pleasures of this weekend’s matinee, Alan Parker’s 1976 cult classic Bugsy Malone, a gangster musical in which child actors fill all the roles and the guns shoot whipped cream. It was at a very young age that Coppola fell for the film, which knocked her out with its showstopping numbers—particularly Jodie Foster’s world-weary rendition of “My Name Is Tallulah”—and had her crushing on Scott Baio. But it remains one of her favorites to this day, not least for its lack of condescension to its pint-size characters. Bugsy Malone is “really respectful of its young audience,” says Coppola. “I wish there were more movies like that for kids.” 

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