Lucrecia Martel’s Closet Picks

Closet Picks — Sep 18, 2018


t’s been a big year for Lucrecia Martel. In the spring, the great Argentine director finally released the film that has kept her fans waiting for nearly a decade, an ambitious and deeply strange adaptation of Antonio di Benedetto’s novel Zama that is sure to be a fixture on year-end best-of lists. And timed to the release of the movie was a retrospective of her three formally audacious previous features—La Ciénaga, The Holy Girl, and The Headless Women—at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. During her trip to New York she made time to visit our office, first to have lunch with some Criterion staff, Strand Releasing’s Marcus Hu, and one Isabelle Huppert, who also happened to be in town, and then to swing by our closet to pick up some favorite films. Her choices revealed a love of genre thrills, including the “intelligent horror” of Cat People and Eyes Without a Face; the wild fantasy of Time Bandits; and the B-movie innovations of Carnival of Souls, which Martel said “has everything that frightens me most in life.” Check out what else she took home in the above video.

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