Big Changes to My Criterion

We know how important the list-making features of our site are to the 100,000-plus users who have posted more than 500,000 lists. So we wanted to give you all a heads-up that My Criterion will be going offline at the end of this month for a total overhaul. Your lists are safe and will be back and better than ever as soon as we’re done. Your wishlist will still be active and readily available, but you may want to print or save your custom lists and top 10s if you use them for reference or teaching purposes.

The easiest way to save your content is to copy and paste the text into a Word document. Another method is to download the webpage that features your list onto your computer by selecting “Save As...” or “Save Page As...” on your browser. This will create an HTML file in the folder where you choose to save it, which will preserve all the text and images from the webpage.

Thanks for all your wonderful contributions to the site. We’ll let you know when the new My Criterion goes live later this year!

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