Adventures in Moviegoing with Rebecca Miller

On the Channel — Mar 30, 2018

Filmmaker Rebecca Miller has a passion for the arts in her blood. Growing up in a creative household with her parents, playwright Arthur Miller and photographer Inge Morath, she was introduced to film at an early age and saw classics of world cinema that would go on to shape her approach as an artist. For the latest episode of Adventures in Moviegoing, now streaming on the Criterion Channel on FilmStruck, Miller sat down with Criterion’s Peter Becker to chat about her formative experiences as a movie lover, which include encounters with such masterpieces as Federico Fellini’s La dolce vita and John Cassavetes’s Opening Night. In the video above, Miller describes what she’s drawn to in on-screen acting, zeroing in on the wide expressive range she admires in great female performers and citing classic Hollywood star Myrna Loy as a personal icon. For more from Miller, head to the Channel to watch two of her films—her 1995 directorial debut, Angela, and the 2005 drama The Ballad of Jack and Rose—along with a series of her all-time favorites.

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