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Marvel mon amour: Stan Lee and Alain Resnais’s Unmade Monster Movie

On the Channel — Feb 26, 2018

Under the leadership of editor and writer Stan Lee, Marvel Comics began its rise as a pop-culture juggernaut in the sixties. Among its legions of fans were some of the most distinguished figures in world cinema. In this new video by Daniel Raim, Lee lovingly remembers Alain Resnais, the experimental genius behind Hiroshima mon amour, who became a close friend and his collaborator on an ambitious science-fiction screenplay called The Monster Maker. The project was to be an exciting meeting of the minds, as the unconventional storytelling approach that Lee had fostered at Marvel paralleled Resnais’s own audacious style. While the movie was ultimately never made, this video will make you wonder what might have become of Resnais’s Hollywood ambitions, which also included his unfulfilled dream to direct a Spider-Man movie. Head to the Criterion Channel, where you’ll find more short pieces like this in our weekly updated section 10 Minutes or Less.

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