• Our gorgeous new box set 100 Years of Olympic Films: 1912–2012 arrives today! Featuring more than fifty films and a beautifully illustrated, 216-page hardcover book, this may be the ultimate gift for the sports fan who’s seen it all, but we made it because it’s also one of the most fascinating cinematic archives on the planet.

    No modern popular event has more recognizable rituals and rhythms than the Olympics, from the torch lighting to the Closing Ceremony, and over the course of a century, more than forty directors have been challenged with capturing the spirit of the Games on film. The result is both an inspiring record of human achievement and a chronicle of the evolution of the documentary form, from its newsreel roots to the present day. Including such masterpieces of world cinema as the notorious Leni Riefenstahl’s Olympia, Kon Ichikawa’s Tokyo Olympiad, and Visions of Eight, with its segments by Miloš Forman, John Schlesinger, and Arthur Penn, among others, this set views the history and culture of the twentieth century through the eyes of some of its most celebrated filmmakers. Sports fans, historians, and cinema buffs will all find something to love in 100 Years of Olympic Films, and we couldn’t be prouder of how it turned out.

    Now through December 19, use the code SHOP17 at criterion.com to get an additional 20% off everything in your shopping cart! For more holiday inspirations, check out our gift guide.


  • By Punit S.
    December 05, 2017
    11:58 PM

    Legendary! Bravo Criterion.
  • By Don Whelan
    December 08, 2017
    03:46 PM

    What an achievement! The set is beautiful. Received it, checked it (it arrived on a rainy day so the shipping box was soaked, but inside we're OK), admired it for a few minutes, and then unfortunately had to stick it under the tree for a couple of weeks. Can't wait to break back into it and pop the first one into the BD player!
  • By La_Mer
    December 31, 2017
    06:23 PM

    Talk about definitive! I hope to pick this up on 2018.