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    Our popular Q&A series with director Jim Jarmusch is back!

    We are currently working on the special edition of Jarmusch’s Dead Man, which will feature a new 4K restoration and is slated to be released in 2018, and we’re wondering what questions you would like answered about the film. We’ll be accepting all of your questions from now until December 8 and sending the most thoughtful and creative ones to Jim. While we can’t guarantee that all will be answered on the release, feel free to ask as many as you like. Personal requests will not be answered.

    Now ask away! Just make sure to include your full name, city, state, and country of residence with your questions.


  • By Sean Ramsdell
    November 29, 2017
    02:38 PM

    I put a spell on you
  • By HUSKY
    November 29, 2017
    05:03 PM

    Dead Man is finally getting the Criterion treatment!
  • By Aniket Mahure
    November 29, 2017
    10:02 PM

    There are lots of interpretations as per how a viewer watch the film. What is your thought behind making it?
    • By Patrick
      November 30, 2017
      07:38 AM

      I think they want you to follow the link in the selection above to post your question.
  • By Gary
    April 18, 2018
    04:16 AM

    Until now the best DEAD MAN blu-ray transfer was from Canada's fine Director's Suite series, easily better than European transfers. Forget that now. Criterion's b/w DEAD MAN transfer looks minted in a silver mine and caked in mud. That's a good thing......... Outtakes are nearly 2 mins longer than previous DEAD MAN Extras.... Gary Farmer's wonderful monologue is billed as an interview.... Over 20 mins of captivating Neil Young footage scoring DEAD MAN live is an exclusive in addition to the music video... ......Jim Jarmusch audio Q & A is a gas, encouraging him to imagine a Western by Wes Anderson, and to recommend an obscure roustabout book by Robert Mitchum's brother.... ...I asked Jim Jarmusch how did he plant such space in DEAD MAN and other films that resist the media pressure to plug the gaps — space between events, between dialogue, on the trail, between thinking and reacting, between chords… Jim Jarmusch said this: "Wow Gary I don’t know what to say. Sometimes, I just like to…leave a space…between…things. Er, there’s a beautiful Japanese word — I believe it is Mu, which is not translatable: it’s on the grave of the great director Ozu. And it means, basically, poetically, it means the space between all other things. And I’ve always been interested in the spaces between things, whether in music, or dialogue, or-or just physically. So it’s kind of something that has informed me often." ...........Mu. He’s not so ego-bound as to say so so I’ll notice it instead: Mu is planted right in the middle of Jim's name.... .....2 other answers to fans' Qs throw more light on the creativity of Jim Jarmusch. If you piece together Jim's answers to these 3 Qs, you can map the creativity of his films.... ....A fellow in Russia wanted to know how Jim Jarmusch cheered himself up. Jarmusch started... “I get depressed and despondent by the way humans behave, by the nature of the world…” ...and he ended by taking a walk on his own in the city or in a forest,..... "...thinking about and appreciating really the mysterious beauty and diversity of all the little details of life around us, and life on earth, and the fact that life on this planet is such a tiny speck of time. It’s just a-a fragment of a moment in the history of the universe. It’s such a fragile, miraculous little thing that to have a consciousness and-and appreciate these-these details, er, I don’t know — that often is my way of trying to lift myself up." ...........And the last of 32 Qs rounds off the supplement in surrealist style:.... "Tom Prior from San Francisco, California, asks, Have you seen my glasses? I put them down an hour ago and can’t find them anywhere. Let me know, thanks..... "Well Tom, I haven’t seen them, I’m in New York, obviously; but I know this problem very well. Uhm, I have to wear glasses to read things for some years, and man, you know, I don’t know, er, check your coat pocket. Are they on the top of your head? Are they in your hand? Are they in your closet? Er, could you be wearing them? I once found mine in the refrigerator." .......................That last Q has equal value to all other highfalutin ones in the big scheme of things, especially if it turns out there is no scheme.