Night of the Living Dead Resurrected

Get a head start on the Halloween season with Janus Films’ rerelease of Night of the Living Dead, opening tonight in a new 4K restoration at New York’s Film Forum. Made on a shoestring budget by the late horror pioneer George A. Romero, this wildly influential landmark of independent cinema tells the hair-raising story of a group of strangers who are trapped in a farmhouse and forced to do battle with ravenous zombies. Romero turned genre conventions on their head, utilizing his limited resources with the ingenuity of a great stylist and infusing the deceptively simple narrative with social commentary that evoked the tumult of late-sixties America. Check out the new rerelease trailer below, and if you’re in town, catch tonight’s screening at 7:30, followed by a Q&A with producer Russ Streiner, soundman Gary Streiner, and screenwriter John Russo.

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