Capturing the Man Behind the Artist in David Lynch: The Art Life

Throughout his four-decade career, David Lynch has rarely given outsiders a look at his creative process, preferring to let his art speak for itself. This carefully maintained air of mystery has won him a cult following and inspired both critics and audiences to speculate about the motivations that fuel his enigmatic work. For the remarkably candid documentary David Lynch: The Art Life, Lynch gave directors Jon Nguyen, Rick Barnes, and Olivia Neergaard-Holm unprecedented access to his private world, welcoming their cameras into his home and painting studio in the Hollywood Hills. Journeying into his past, the film delves into his memories of childhood, his years in art school, and the evolution of his career, revealing moments that have shaped him as an artist. In the below excerpt from an interview on our newly released edition of the film, Nguyen talks about the experience of bringing this long-gestating project to the screen and his approach to getting his subject to share so many intimate parts of his life on camera.

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