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Under the Influence

David Lowery’s Career-Long Kinship with George Washington

Over the course of three films made in the past five years, David Lowery has demonstrated a remarkable versatility, winning acclaim for the intimate canvases of his breakout crime drama Ain’t Them Bodies Saints and his metaphysical new film A Ghost Story, as well as for the grand scale of his effects-laden Disney reboot of Pete’s Dragon. But for all the stylistic adventurousness and thematic variety of his work so far, the Texas-based director remains firmly rooted in his keen sense of place, with an eye for how landscapes can serve as engines for storytelling. It’s no surprise then that Lowery feels a kinship with another filmmaker who has made Texas his home, David Gordon Green, whose 2000 debut feature, George Washington, poetically captures the atmosphere of a small southern town. For the latest episode in our series Under the Influence, Lowery spoke with us about how important Green’s film was to him at a time when he was searching for his own creative voice.

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