Adventures in Moviegoing with Michael Cera

Best known for his starring roles in Juno and Superbad, Michael Cera has spent much of his career making us laugh. But when it comes to the films he watches for pleasure, his taste veers toward the serious and contemplative. In the latest installment of Adventures in Moviegoing, a Criterion Channel series in which we invite a wide range of artists to talk about their formative experiences as cinephiles, the actor sits down with Criterion president Peter Becker to discuss his memories of being a young movie lover and his path to discovering the auteurs he admires now, including Ingmar Bergman and Michael Haneke. In the clip below, Cera explains how Allan King’s intense portrait of domestic strife A Married Couple—which is now available to stream on the Channel along with a selection of the actor’s other favorites—leaves him with what he calls “the full-body choke.”

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