Paolo Sorrentino on Fellini’s Roma

Federico Fellini’s love letter to his home city, Roma, is a hallucinatory blend of everyday observations and extravagant spectacle. Interweaving memories of Fellini’s young adulthood with vibrant images of contemporary Rome, this semi-autobiographical journey through one of the world’s most iconic cities unfolds in a series of vignettes—depicting everything from a delirious ecclesiastical fashion show to the unexpected discovery of an ancient underground crypt—that reveal the tensions between a modern urban landscape and the layers of history that lie beneath it. Tomorrow, we’re releasing our edition of the film, which includes an interview with Paolo Sorrentino, the Oscar-winning director of the unmistakably Felliniesque The Great Beauty. In the below excerpt, Sorrentino explains why Roma stands among Fellini’s greatest achievements and how his technical mastery is matched by his emotional depth.

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