Tim Robbins and Robert Altman’s Pact for The Player

The Player Robbins and Altman

Robert Altman’s Hollywood satire The Player (out now on Blu-ray and DVD) was the first of three collaborations between the iconic director and Academy Award–winning actor Tim Robbins, shortly followed by Short Cuts and Ready to Wear. But whereas in the later two films, Robbins was one character among many within the director’s characteristically ensemble casts, in The Player he was the star, playing the amoral Hollywood studio executive Griffin Mill. In an interview conducted for a program on our release of The Player, Robbins sat down to recount his experiences working on the project. In the clip below, you can see a bit of extended footage from the interview, not included on the disc, in which Robbins candidly shares the agreement he and Altman made to ensure that the production would be truly independent.

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