• Our new release of Dont Look Back, D. A. Pennebaker's groundbreaking behind-the-scenes portrait of Bob Dylan and his famed 1965 tour, is out tomorrow on DVD and Blu-ray and features a new interview with celebrated artist Patti Smith, a lifelong admirer of Dylan's. Over the course of the conversation, Smith discusses everything from the ways Dylan influenced her as a teenager to where he fits within a lineage that stretches from Mozart to punk rock. Above, she explains how finding Bob Dylan was like discovering a modern-day Arthur Rimbaud.


  • By Cinematic Cteve
    December 01, 2015
    08:40 AM

    Love PATTI SMITH. Regarding the film, is there some reason Pennebaker chose to omit the apostrophe in Don't from the title?
    • By Stephen Clark Harvey
      December 01, 2015
      01:17 PM

      Grammatical cutbacks. Same reason that forced e.e. cummings to stop using capital letters.