• Knowing Martin Scorsese was a fan of Jean Renoir’s India-set The River, we asked him to record an introduction when we first released it in 2004 (since then, he even included it in his Criterion Top 10, calling it “a film without a real story that is all about the rhythm of existence, the cycles of birth and death and regeneration, and the transitory beauty of the world”). Here, we present an excerpt from that supplement, on the occasion of our Blu-ray release of The River.


  • By Davey32
    April 22, 2015
    11:37 PM

    Leave it to Marty to deliver a wonderful analysis of classic and important film. I would pay to watch him analyze fast food menus. He is just that brilliant!
  • By thevoid99
    April 23, 2015
    03:27 PM

    Marty could probably sell poo on a stick and say how brilliant it is and I would by it. He's that fucking cool.