• We have confirmed that certain Blu-ray discs pressed at a replication facility that we used for a period in 2010 have become defective, showing a noticeable bronze discoloration on the underside and developing playback problems. We have confirmed the problem on seven titles, though not on all copies of those titles. All of these titles have since been re-pressed at a different pressing plant, and the vast majority of discs in circulation should not be affected.

    The potentially affected Blu-ray titles are:

    Howards End


    Monsoon Wedding

    Monterey Pop

    Paris, Texas

    Pierrot le fou

    Ride with the Devil

    The Seventh Seal

    Summer Hours


    If you have found that your Blu-ray copy of one of these titles does not play, please send your disc to the following address for a replacement:

    Jon Mulvaney
    The Criterion Collection
    215 Park Avenue South
    5th floor
    New York, NY 10003

    Please include only your disc—no packaging—along with the address to which you’d like us to mail your replacement. We will not be replacing or exchanging packaging. There is no need to email us in addition.

    If we learn that other titles are similarly defective, we will add them to this list and continue to replace them as well.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.


  • By MrBabadook
    July 20, 2015
    08:32 AM

    ...and sending out Pierrot le Fou on July 20, 2015 - bronzed :( Can't wait for the replacement :D
  • By Charles Petrizzi
    July 26, 2015
    04:13 PM

    What if we are not having an issue with any of the listed discs? Should we still send them in for replacement? I was told the the ones starting with CCxxx only had the bronzing issues. Most of mine are original with CCxxx.
  • By Adam K.
    August 12, 2015
    05:51 PM

    So I just opened my blu-ray of Eraserhead (it's a first edition printing) pre-ordered it on amazon last year. Wasn't aware that it the disc had a glitch can I still get a replacement disc?
    • By Jon Mulvaney
      August 14, 2015
      01:32 PM

      Hi Adam, Yes, we still have the exchange program for the ERASERHEAD discs. Please mail your old version (disc only please, do not include packaging) to the address below and include a note of exchange with your preferred USPS shipping address and email address. Once we receive your disc we’ll send you a replacement. The Criterion Collection ATTN: ERASERHEAD 215 Park Ave South 5th Floor New York, NY 10003 When we send the new disc, you will get an email with a $10 gift certificate code to use on a future purchase at criterion.com. Apologies for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience while we fix this unfortunate mistake. If you have any additional questions feel free to email me at mulvaney@criterion.com. Thanks for your support! Jon Mulvaney
  • By Darkness2918
    August 17, 2015
    02:39 AM

    I know Pierrot le Fou is out of print, so is it still possible to get a replacement for it?
    • By Jon Mulvaney
      August 19, 2015
      12:22 PM

      Yes, if your PIERROT LE FOU disc is showing signs of bronzing/disc rot, please send it to me at the address listed above along with your mailing address. As soon as I receive it I'll send you a replacement disc. If you have any additional questions feel free to email me at mulvaney@criterion.com.
  • By Matthew H.
    October 01, 2015
    12:22 PM

    I just opened my blu-ray of THE SEVENTH SEAL and discovered that it is defective. Will a replacement be sent to me in Canada, or am I required to give a US address?
    • By Jotamide
      October 14, 2015
      07:07 PM

      I sent a defective copy from Canada to Criterion 3 weeks ago. The replacement hasn't arrived yet however.
  • By Tayla N.
    January 09, 2016
    06:32 PM

    I bought a copy of Down By Law last year and while Disc One is working, Disc Two seems to be defective. Is it possible to get a replacement? I was looking forward to watching the special features.
  • By Koukol
    January 12, 2016
    02:26 PM

    I just realized that my Criterion Blu-ray of ERASERHEAD which I purchased on June 20, 2014, has the glitch at the 65-minute-mark. Is it still possible to get a replacement for this? Please advise. Best regards.
  • By Vince
    January 20, 2016
    08:38 PM

    Any problems with 8 1/2? I'm having issues with it loading.
  • By Christopher House
    February 01, 2016
    03:51 PM

    Jon Mulvaney, is Le Cercle Rouge (Blu-ray) a part of the disc replacement program yet? I have playback issues with it... sent you an email. It completely stops at 1 hr, 51 mins and no way to go past the freeze. Are there many reported problems with this title? I am assuming it is the same problem as the above mentioned titles, since it came out at the same time.
    • By dlazarus73
      April 23, 2016
      06:54 AM

      I am having the exact same problem with my disc at 1 hour and 51 minutes in. :( I just emailed John. I hope I can get a replacement for this OOP blu-ray...If not then it will be very expensive and a crap shoot to not get the same defect.
  • By Dungus_Crab
    February 07, 2016
    02:31 PM

    Just discovered that my blu-ray of Repulsion has "bronzed", rather noticeably so, it looks like someone set fire to the disc. The issue is so severe that I can't get past the main menu (and even then sometimes the background video clip underscoring the menu won't load, leaving the menu options against a silent, black screen), and even then that's only when the disc actually starts. I bought the disc brand new from amazon 3 1/2-2 years ago. Shrink wrap was on it until I finally opened it to show to some friends about a month ago. Is there anything that can be done for me? Would happily do the disc replacement program detailed above, just want to be ask if Repulsion qualifies. Any help appreciated!
    • By Dungus_Crab
      February 07, 2016
      02:33 PM

      Just checked my amazon account, I purchased the disc 5/9/13. Just providing this info in case it helps.
  • By Andrew H.
    February 28, 2016
    11:24 AM

    I discovered recently that my Howards End blu-ray disc had suffered this fate and hadn't been aware of the problem. Since that title is out-of-print, I was concerned I might not be able to get a replacement through this program. However, I contacted Criterion and got confirmation that they would be able to provide a replacement. I mailed back my defective disc on Feb. 19 and received a replacement 8 days later. Quite quick! And the new disc plays fine. I am grateful to have received a replacement, since this is a wonderful film.
    • By Keith
      April 29, 2016
      11:21 AM

      Can anyone confirm what is the disc manufacturing number so i can check my disc is part of the affected batch ? thanks
  • By dlazarus73
    April 23, 2016
    06:07 AM

    Le Cercle Rouge (Blu-ray) freezes for me at 1 Hour 51 minutes in. This disc was VERY expensive to buy since it was OOP. Am I out 130 dollars or can I get a replacement? I just need the disc. Thank you in advance.
    • By Christopher House
      April 25, 2016
      04:45 PM

      You should email Jon Mulvaney on this... he is very good about taking care of us Criterion enthusiasts/collectors. He has left his address on several posts above. Good luck!
    • By Andre Sousa
      October 16, 2016
      01:10 PM

      Did you get a replacement for Le Circle Rouge? My disc has exactly the same problem, which means it was a problem during production. I sent an email but never got a reply.
    • By Johnny B
      January 08, 2017
      01:21 PM

      Did anyone get a response to this? I just found out my Blu Ray has the same freezing issue at 1 Hour 51 minutes in.
  • By David McKee
    May 24, 2016
    02:51 PM

    Is this exchange policy in effect? I only recently learned that my "Howard's End" and "Walkabout" copies were fatally bronzed. I'm checking some of the other at-risk BDs: "The Seventh Seal" appears to have escaped the plague (ironically, given the subject matter) but I'm still playing catchup with the others.
    • By Harold R Smith Jr
      May 25, 2016
      01:25 PM

      I also had a bronzed Walkabout disc which I sent to the address above on May 3rd and have yet to get a replacement. I included my e-mail address with the note and have not gear anything either.
  • By Jordan
    June 15, 2016
    08:19 AM

    I'm having issues with my blu ray copy of Mulholland Dr., there's quite a few scenes that contain frames with noticeable streaks of discoloration. It makes for an eye sore depending on the blu ray player (ps4 being the worst). Disappointing for such a great release! Is this an issue Criterion is aware of?
    • By Monkey_Mafia
      July 08, 2016
      09:03 PM

      Have you gotten an answer to this problem? Because I am expierencing the same thing.
  • By Michael Parker
    June 26, 2016
    03:20 AM

    One of my all time favorites is HOWARD'S END. Beautiful and has so much personal meaning to me. I bought the Blu ray edition on Amazon and was horrified by the picture quality. Static noise, super grainy in a way that is NOT the film stock. It's as if some terrible electronic interference was happening. It breaks my heart, this picture is so full of beautiful visuals, lighting...a joy to see! But the Blu ray transfer is dreadful to the point I can watch it. I also noticed the underside has a very slight yellowish hue. I'm not sure if this is the "bronzing" mentioned in this post, but the disc doesn't have that usual silver mirrored look. My question is, would I be able to mail my disc to the address above and receive a replacement that plays beautifully without all the static fuzzy disruption? I hope to get an answer to this question soon, I am in readiness to nail in this disc for a proper replacement. Thank you!
  • By Michael Parker
    June 26, 2016
    03:23 AM

    But the Blu ray transfer of HOWARD'S END is dreadful to the point I CANNOT watch it.
  • By Cesar Luna
    September 17, 2016
    07:31 PM

    It's the exchange program still available? I think my M blu-ray has a problem on the disc surface! :( I became aware of this issue about three weeks ago, and all thanks to somebody who mentioned me the issue with the ERASERHEAD blu-ray missing some footage. One thing led to the other. Can I still send my M and ERASERHEAD Blu-ray Discs for an exchange? I'm currently watching other titles in my collection to see what if I find other problems. My PIERROT LE FOU and HOWARDS END Blu-ray Discs (now OOP) played perfectly and do not show any "bronzing", or some other issues. PLEASE, any new information is totally appreciated! Thanks for your patience!
  • By Shane D.
    March 05, 2017
    04:47 PM

    I'm very late to the game with this issue, but I too am wondering if the exchange program is still available. I just noticed what seems to be slight bronzing on my copy of Days of Heaven. Playback doesn't seem to be affected, however I don't know if that'll be the case next week, next month, or next year if the bronzing worsens. And because Criterion can lose their distribution rights, I'm reluctant to sit back for long to see what happens.
    • By Jon Mulvaney
      March 06, 2017
      05:07 PM

      Hi Shane, Email us at mulvaney@criterion.com, and we'll get that taken care of for you. Thanks.
  • By Spencergo
    April 04, 2017
    01:47 PM

    I just attempted to rewatch Solaris which is an early 2011 Blu-ray it also shows some bronzing and plays ok through most of the film then goes haywire It is not on the list however it has the same issues as the late 2010 pressings CAN THIS BE EXCHANGED?
  • By scarecroe
    April 23, 2017
    04:18 PM

    I bought Solaris on Amazon in September 2016 and I'm just now (April 2017) attempting to play it. My PS4, which is up to date and doesn't have a problem with any other discs, won't play it after several attempts at troubleshooting. Can this be replaced?