• Gena Rowlands’s acting career spans seven decades of television and film, and she has collaborated with such directors as Woody Allen, Jim Jarmusch, and Mira Nair. But it is her work with her late husband, John Cassavetes, that best showcases her virtuosic dramatic and comedic talents. In this excerpt from a visual essay on our new release of Cassavetes’s Love Streams, film critic Sheila O’Malley explores Rowlands’s role in Love Streams, and the way the actor both hides essential truths about her character from the audience and seems to lay herself emotionally bare.

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  • By Davey32
    August 28, 2014
    08:25 PM

    I know this may be pushing, or oversimplifying it, but to watch Gena Rowlands in film is like seeing God being reborn; it's like an absolute miracle. Also, she has a face and a presence that will stay with you forever. She doesn't wink at the audience, or demands your attention; you are automatically drawn to her instantly. She has the most beautiful madness I've ever seen in film.