• The mysteries of Picnic at Hanging Rock live on, even for the director himself. In this excerpt from a 2003 interview on our new special edition of the film, Peter Weir reminisces about how the project first came to him and reveals that Picnic novelist Joan Lindsay wouldn’t even tell him what “really” happened to the girls in the story—no matter how much he asked.


  • By James M. Martin
    June 28, 2014
    03:06 PM

    Years ago, I saw a movie titled "The Year of Living Dangerously" and thought it a masterpiece. Naturally, I had to go looking for earlier and later films and have seen and/or own DVD'S of many. I think Weir turns anything he touches into magic. But I still love "Dangerously" best.
  • By injecting humor
    June 30, 2014
    02:46 AM

    I've always loved all of Weir's films for that beautiful feeling of mystery ... Many of them are still underrated I think, even "Fearless", which made a strong impression on me as well ... But "Picnic" will always be my favorite of all by far!! If the ever remake this one, heaven forbid, I hope that it will stay Australian -- just because I can't imagine a version without those wonderful voices and those uniquely ethereal beauties like the incomparable Lambert ... Well, let's just hope fate doesn't call my bluff ... I can almost see the marquee now: "Picnic at Hanging Rock II: Just Add Cariba Heine!" (she IS beautiful too though!!!)