• Director Spike Lee is something of a superfan of Billy Wilder’s scathing American media satire Ace in the Hole, as you can see in this clip from an interview with him on our release. He even brought a piece of memorabilia for show-and-tell.


  • By Brown
    May 07, 2014
    05:27 PM

    I can see how both Ace in the Hole and Face in the Crown would serve as influences on Lee's Bamboozled.
    • By D.j. West
      May 31, 2014
      04:21 PM

      Bamboozled would fit nicely in The Collection.
  • By hoytereden
    May 07, 2014
    08:52 PM

    It would be nice to get A Face in the Crowd on Blu-ray. It would be nice if Criterion released it but I know Warner's is not likely to part with it.
  • By John Cockcroft
    May 29, 2014
    03:47 PM

    I enjoy Spike Lee's work, but he always seems to manage to blend some spontaneous inaccuracy into his every commentary. Here, it's that "The Big Carnival" was the ORIGINAL title of "Ace in the Hole". It was not; the name was changed to TBC when reissued, after AITH had failed in initial release.