• Rarely does a director go into much detail about what he thinks doesn’t work about one of his own films, but Steven Soderbergh got candid with us in an interview about his disappointment with his 1995 film The Underneath—which he calls “dead on arrival.” Available as a supplement on our special edition of Soderbergh’s King of the Hill, The Underneath is a neonoir Soderbergh made between 1993’s King and 1996’s more personal experiment Schizopolis. In this excerpt from that interview, also available on the King of the Hill release, Soderbergh reveals that The Underneath came at a difficult point in his career and that his “heart wasn’t in it.”


  • By Craig J. Clark
    March 12, 2014
    10:48 AM

    His heart may not have been in it, but The Underneath is the kind of film that other directors would kill to have in their filmographies.
  • By thevoid99
    March 12, 2014
    05:59 PM

    I liked that film. Yeah, it may not be one of his great films but it was a solid noir film that most filmmakers would kill to have.
  • By AndrewB
    March 12, 2014
    07:03 PM

    This is why myself and a lot of other cinephiles love Soderbergh. He can actually critique his work, and not in a false humility kind of way, but seriously and truthfully.
  • By Davey32
    March 13, 2014
    09:47 PM

    I love how bold, and open he is with his analysis of his work. Just so much blazing honesty, and a bit of falseness in sight. No wonder why he is without a doubt one of the best directors of his generation.
  • By Carl Casinghino
    March 16, 2014
    01:34 PM

    Classic Soderbergh. He says his heart may not have been in it… but it doesn't really show to this viewer. I absolutely think that The Underneath is one of his best, most fully realized visions, with such a superb performances all around, and one of Peter Gallagher's best. http://mediateacher.net/2013/12/10/colors-of-money-bills-in-green-and-other-hues-in-soderberghs-america/