• By Lassothemovies
    March 05, 2014
    03:14 PM

    I find it rather interesting and entertaining myself!
  • By Drew Phillips
    March 05, 2014
    03:38 PM

    Anyone else think there's some not so subtle indications of a Moonrise Kingdom release in the future?
    • By Germenis
      March 05, 2014
      04:22 PM

      I'd be completely shocked if CC didn't continue releasing all of Anderson's work. They've done everything so far; just happens to be a few years behind. I think it'll be another year or two before MK gets a release. How lovely would it be for GBH's initial release to be through Criterion?
  • By speedyboy1992
    March 06, 2014
    06:25 PM

    The Grand Budapest Hotel needs to be released directly to Criterion after theatrical exhibition PLEASE!!! Besides, Fox has now complete dropped their iTunes digital copy inclusion which means I'll be buying it used when it comes out.
  • By Aaron Bennett
    March 09, 2015
    04:55 AM

    Wes Anderson is my favorite director and I am a collector of Criterion films however I am 30 and nobody I know knew what the criterion collection was until hearing me talk about it probably too much however I am now really wanting Moonrise Kingdom and obviously The Grand Budapest Hotel! If the Criterion Collection sees Bottle Rocket as worthy of the collection these two films are an automatic in. At least I hope someone one lets people know if these will be released I already bought them digitally from Amazon but do not want to buy the Blu Rays until they are hopefully released and if they aren't then I guess I'll stick with the films I have purchased and say f-it and spend the money on ammunition before the government bans it!