• Not all of the amazing acts from the 1967 Monterey International Pop Festival—which is celebrating its forty-fifth anniversary this weekend—made it into the final cut of D. A. Pennebaker’s documentary Monterey Pop. Among the casualties was Laura Nyro, who gave one of the more notorious performances. The story goes she left the stage in tears, convinced she had been booed—though this has been disputed over the years. In this footage from her set—included in the two hours of outtakes in our collector’s edition, The Complete Monterey Pop Festival—we hear no boos (we do hear a “Beautiful!” or two). We think it is a compelling performance, well worth a listen.


  • By paul beauparlant
    June 19, 2012
    04:53 PM

    During Poverty Train, most of the time it seems she's not even there. I mean, it seems the physical location of being onstage is not part of her senses. She's enhabiting the words to the song..very emersed.
  • By NAME
    July 04, 2013
    11:35 AM

    I was there. If Nyro was booed, I did not hear it, but she did receive a very poor reception. I think she had not realized that the "Pop" festival was not pop at all, but very hard and acid Rock. Her act was very Las Vegas, and there were some chuckles and frowns from all the "heads." I always loved her, so it was a sad thing to witness.
    • By Rudy Melena
      July 26, 2013
      12:09 AM

      Thanks for sharing these details!
    • By Uziel
      October 06, 2014
      11:56 PM

      Do you know other songs by Laura Nyro at the Monterey Pop Festival?