• Certified Copy is no ordinary love story. Though it initially seems like a typical romance, featuring two strangers who meet in a picturesque Tuscan town, it is one of the trickiest films in recent memory. Earlier this year, its director, Abbas Kiarostami, sat down with us in Paris to talk about this very discussable film for our special edition release; here is a clip from that exclusive interview, in which he muses about why love itself is such a difficult, even illusory, thing.


  • By Patrick
    May 21, 2012
    03:28 PM

    This is a wonderful film. I cannot wait for this to hit my doorstep tomorrow. Bravo!
  • By Lizh
    May 21, 2012
    06:44 PM

    Benjamin... It should work now! Let us know if you run into any other problems...
  • By fisherking
    August 03, 2015
    03:11 AM

    Interview video link lost. I wonder if someone can fix it, please.