• By Luis
    September 30, 2011
    02:53 PM

    1. Janice Rule 2. That mural in the swimming pool. 3. Yellow
  • By David Hollingsworth
    September 30, 2011
    04:39 PM

    1) One of the most unusual, and brilliantly nightmarish films of the seventies. 2) A prime example of why Shelley Duvall is so important to film history. 3) A timeless tribute of Robert Altman's genius. Cheat: 4) A touchstone of Sissy Spack's brilliant career.
  • By Maurice Gianesin
    October 05, 2011
    03:21 PM

    Using pinky's amnesia and the camera as an instrument that cannot lie sets the film on fire as a revelation to insight that the me, me, me generation of the seventies is forced to observe. For the first time in Mildred Lameroux's miserable life is she shown without any mercy or coloration who she really is and how people percieve her. Pinky is breathtaking as the newly found Mildred.
  • By Hillel
    October 09, 2011
    03:56 AM

    1. Gerlad Busby's score 2. The dinner party 3. The murals
    • By Maurice
      October 12, 2011
      06:12 PM

      The mural on the bottom of the pool at the swingin' singles apartment complex where Millie and Pinky live is still one of the best clues as to what in the hell is going on in this movie. Willy captures the abject horror in their lives without ever saying a word. The murals are as disturbing as they are disturbed.
  • By Michael Vincent Dow
    October 15, 2011
    01:04 PM

    1. The pinnacle of Altman's glorious partnership with Shelley Duvall, comparable to Griffith and Gish, Von Sternberg and Dietrich. 2. Altman's restless mastery of the zoom lens. 3. The birthing scene, which is utterly horrifying on so many delirious levels. 4. Tom's cough.
    October 15, 2011
    04:58 PM

    Altman has said that this was a pure dream movie and it works on the level of dream pathology, so to speak.
  • By Albert Adams
    October 16, 2011
    04:28 PM

    This is an excellent way to present films.
  • By george tomacini
    July 05, 2012
    05:53 PM

    they need to do HEALTH
  • By Vince C.
    July 29, 2014
    01:24 AM

    1. The ever-uncompromising Altman. 2. The dress in the car door. 3. Duvall. She seems born for every role she gets.