• By David Hollingsworth
    June 29, 2011
    05:52 PM

    1) A whimsical look at life in Berlin. 2) One of the best silent films of the 1930s. 3) Pure poetry without the use of sound.
  • By Lj
    July 18, 2011
    05:58 PM

    1. A beautiful look at Weimar Era Germany. 2. The brain trust behind the production. 3. The joy of a well earned Sunday off.
  • By Christian Giroux
    August 06, 2011
    09:16 AM

    1. Out of studio : on the street and country side of Berlin 2. Time traveling 3. Humanity, youth, romance, but we know doom is around the corner : what a waste
  • By Greg
    August 08, 2011
    09:43 PM

    Does anyone know if the music played throughout the first 18 seconds is from the new score?
  • By Issa Clubb
    August 09, 2011
    11:54 AM

    Hi Greg, actually all of the music from this Three Reasons is from the Elena Kats-Chernin score.
  • By Greg
    August 17, 2011
    09:59 PM

    Fantastic! That's what I was hoping...it's absolutely gorgeous!
  • By Mitch
    February 08, 2012
    10:55 PM

    Can someone now please tell me where I can find an audio version of that beautiful music in the intro?