• By SoloMan93
    April 05, 2011
    07:13 PM

    Don't forget the visuals; they seem to speak for themselves!
  • By Petar P.
    April 06, 2011
    02:44 AM

    1. Anonymous Cyclist. 2. Blind man with an accordion who try to see Di REX. 3. Crazy uncle who desperately wants La Donna!
  • By Marc
    December 06, 2012
    08:56 PM

    Amarcord was Fellini's masterpiece.The bar was set very high on this one and to this day I feel this Fellini film will never be surpassed in terms of cinematography,to say nothing of the directing that is nothing short of impeccable.The transfer is absolutely perfect in every way,as is customary to the Criterion standards.Very classy film...an absolute must own.