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    Hot on the heels of the hit theatrical run of Nobuhiko Obayashi’s cult sensation House, Janus Films is premiering another unsung Japanese horror movie with a feline twist. Kuroneko (Black Cat), a chilling 1968 ghost story directed by the incredible (and still going strong at ninety-eight!) Kaneto Shindo, opens today at New York’s Film Forum, in a new 35 mm print. According to Janus Films’ Sarah Finklea, Kuroneko will be a real discovery for audiences: “This film hasn't been available theatrically for a very long time, and it hasn’t been on home video in the U.S. at all.” Originally, Janus planned to bring House and Kuroneko out together  (“A nice Japanese demon cat double bill!” exclaims Finklea), but they soon realized that the latter film, with its spare, hypnotic rhythm, needed a release of its own. If you’ve seen Shindo’s exquisitely scary Onibaba, you know you're in for a treat. Kuroneko will creep its way to Boston, Portland, Los Angeles, and beyond in the coming months. Read the great reviews so far!


  • By Angie
    April 02, 2011
    03:28 PM

    Will this be coming out on DVD? Please say yes! I saw Kuroneko in Portland and I'm desperate for a high-resolution DVD of this, because it became probably my favorite movie after that one showing.
  • By LJ
    April 03, 2011
    05:18 PM

    I believe the CC new years email (drawing) hinted that Kuroneko would be released on BD and DVD in 2011. The BD should be well worth the wait.
  • By Patrick
    July 15, 2011
    01:57 PM

    Book it for October 2011.