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    Congratulations to yesterday’s winner, Caroline! Caroline’s pick for a work of Western literature she wishes Kurosawa had adapted was Oedipus Rex:

    I would love to have seen Kurosawa do Sophocles’s Oedipus Rex. Honestly, I think that he is the only filmmaker who could have successfully adapted the very influential Western work. His directing style and writing sensibilities could have brilliantly rendered the paranoia, alienation, and fated tragedy of the protagonist. I can just imagine the dark mood, eerie period atmosphere, and jarring music that Kurosawa would have used in depicting this story. The chorus would obviously have been done in a really original way, and the climax of Oedipus blinding himself and his final exile seems like it was written with Kurosawa in mind. And finally, Toshiro Mifune would have been fantastic in the role.

    March is Akira Kurosawa month at Criterion. On the twenty-third, the great Japanese filmmaker would have been one hundred years old. For this centennial celebration, we will be posting trivia questions and other contests all month, and giving away a different prize every weekday.

    Today’s prompt:

    In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, write a Kurosawa-related limerick.

    Please respond by commenting below, and we’ll choose our favorite tomorrow. You must reside in the U.S. or Canada and leave a valid e-mail address to be eligible for the prize (a copy of Waiting on the Weather: Making Movies with Akira Kurosawa by Teruyo Nogami).

    UPDATE: Our winner is Joren Cain:

    There once was a man named Toshiro.
    In film after film, he’s our hero.
    And then, in Yojimbo,
    A town’s future in limbo,
    He reduces the bad guys to zero.

    Congratulations, Joren!


  • By Kevin L.
    March 17, 2010
    03:45 PM

    Some farmers encountered a horde A force that could not be ignored So they went into town To find men of renown And offered them quite a reward
  • By RyanMcGlade
    March 17, 2010
    03:47 PM

    An Ode to Ikiru By Ryan McGlade Kanji had one year to live So he gave all that he could give Alone on a swing He started to sing Ikiru, or as the French say, "pour vivre"
  • By Benjamin B.
    March 17, 2010
    06:05 PM

    limerick this
  • By FredO
    March 17, 2010
    06:09 PM

    In a watermill hut by a stream, There's an elder of local esteem. He has outlived his wife And the tales of his life Are more vivid than even a Dream.
  • By 6dwk6
    March 17, 2010
    07:41 PM

    There once was a man who claimed he was a samurai, Who showed a family tree to prove it wasn't a lie, When asked which one was he the man pointed at a name, drunkenly. 'Kikuchiyo? You hardly look 13 years old to me.' was the laughing reply.
  • By Christopher C.
    March 17, 2010
    07:50 PM

    There once was a man born in Tokyo Whose first was a film called Sanshiro He learned more of his craft Made some classics and aft Ended up with splendid Madadayo.
  • By Betsy P.
    March 17, 2010
    10:43 PM

    The hills bleed with movement and power And horses make tender spears shatter The lady is red Her husband is dead. A drum beats that silences laughter.
  • By Kevin P.
    March 18, 2010
    02:10 AM

    There once was a talented director named Kurosawa, He inspired George Lucas to write Star Wars with the Jawa. 100 years old this year he would be. 50 years and 30 films, directed did he. His cinematic vision has left us with more than just a saga.
  • By tenderfoot
    March 18, 2010
    01:50 PM

    The master director from Japan makes magic when with camera in hand his own country may say no but global appreciation did show cinematic magic spread throughout the land